What Is the Preferred Payment Method?

The preferred payment method is the one that our system will always use to process your Text To Give transactions. If you need to change which payment method on your profile is the preferred one, then follow the steps in the Help Center article below.

Change Your Preferred Payment Method for Text Giving


Will my recurring transaction process to my preferred payment method?

Assigning a payment method as the preferred one does not mean that your recurring transaction will begin processing with that payment method. The preferred payment method only applies to text to give transactions and not recurring transactions. If you've added a new payment method to your profile, you will then need to edit your recurring transaction so that you can associate the new payment method to it. You can edit a recurring transaction by following the steps in the Help Center article below. You will be able to select your new payment at step 6 of the "Edit Your Recurring Transaction" section.

View/Edit your Recurring Transactions

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