Set Up A Recurring Transaction

  1. Visit your organization's online giving page
    If you're unsure of the web address of your organization's online giving page, then sign in at In the upper right corner, click on your User Account Icon > My Organizations. Select the organization that you want to give to, and you will be taken to their online giving page.

  2. Choose a campus
    If your organization has multiple campus, then you'll need to choose which campus to give to by selecting it. If your organization has only one campus, then this selector page will not show.

  3. Choose a donation or purchase category and amount


  4. After you've chosen a category and amount, then select the Recurring button at the right to create a recurring donation or purchase.


  5. Select your donation frequency.
    You have the option to choose between Weekly, Every Two Weeks, Twice a Month, Monthly and Quarterly.

  6. Select the Charge On date
    After you've selected an option in the Frequency field, then select a Charge On date. If you would like to delay the start of your recurring transaction, then click on "Add delayed Start Date?" and choose the date you would like your recurring transaction to start.

  7. End Date
    If you choose an End Date, your recurring transaction will not process beyond that date. If you leave it set to Ongoing, then your recurring transaction will be Ongoing with no end date.

  8. Then select the Next: Payment Details button.
  9. Sign In.

  10. Then select an existing payment method or choose to add a payment method.

  11. Donation Summary
    Confirm the donation amount, category, and payment method. If you need to make any changes, then click EDIT at the section you need to change. Click the Set Up Recurring Donation button to complete the recurring transaction setup. You'll then get an emailed receipt that your recurring transaction was set up successfully.

    If your organization allows you to help offset the transaction fees for your donation, then you will see the "Help offset transaction fees?" checkbox. By checking that box the offset fee amount will be added to your donation total.

    You will receive an email letting you know that your recurring transaction was successfully created. You will also receive an email each time your recurring transaction processes.
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