Mobile Giving

If the organization that you give to uses mobile giving, then follow the instructions below to give through the SecureGive app on your mobile device. 


Note for iOS and iPadOS Users: if your organization has been approved to accept mobile transactions through Apple Pay, then the entire donation process will take place within the app. If your organization has not set up mobile payments through Apple Pay, then after you've picked your organization within the app, the donation process will finish in Safari. 


Download the Mobile App

You can download the SecureGive mobile app here:



Sign into the Mobile App

Sign in by entering your SecureGive login credentials. If you don't have an account yet, you can create an account by tapping on the Sign Up text at the bottom. If you want to give without signing in or creating an account, then you can tap on the "Continue as Guest" option.



Choose Your Organization

Once you sign into your account, the organizations that are linked to your account will appear on the Homepage. You can then click on your organization's button to be taken to their mobile giving page.

If you're donating as a guest, then you will first need to find your organization by choosing a state. Then type in the name of your organization to see a list of possible matches. Once you see the organization that you are looking for, tap on it. 


Make A Donation 

1. Now you've arrived at your organization's mobile giving page. Tap on the Donate button to begin the donation process.

Note for iOS and iPadOS Users: As mentioned at the beginning, if your organization has not yet set up Apple Pay for their mobile transactions, when you click on the Donate button, the app will take you to your organization's online giving page in Safari. You will then finish the donation process there. You can visit the Help articles below to follow the steps to donate through your mobile web browser:

Make A One Time Donation/Purchase

Set Up A Recurring Transaction



 2. Choose an amount and category. Then decide whether you want to make a one time transaction or create a recurring transaction. 

Note: if you're giving as a guest, you will only have the option of making a one time donation.



One Time Donation

a. If you choose to make a one time donation, then confirm the amount by tapping the Total button at the bottom. 


 b. Then choose a payment method and tap to submit. Now you've successfully made a one time donation.


Recurring Transaction

a. If you want to make a recurring transaction, then tap the recurring button at the bottom. This will take you to the Frequency page. Tap on the "Select a frequency" field to create the processing schedule for your recurring transaction. Tap on the Total button at the bottom when you're done. 

IMG_0372.PNG                         IMG_0377.PNG


b. At the Summary page you can confirm the donation amount and processing schedule. You can also add an optional message. Then tap the Total button.


 c. Choose a payment method and tap to Submit. Now you've successfully created a recurring transaction.

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