Update a Saved Payment Method

You can update your payment information anytime by signing in to your SecureGive account.

  1. Sign in to your profile at app.securegive.com
  2. In the upper right corner, click on your User Account Icon > Payment Methods
  3. Click Edit on the payment method that you want to update.
  4. Click Edit Card Details.
  5. Enter your card or banking information.
  6. If you would like to use this payment method to process your text to give transactions, then make sure to check the "Set as preferred payment method" checkbox. 
  7. Enter an optional nickname for the payment method.
  8. Click Save.


  • If you are only trying to update the expiration date of your existing payment method, you will still have to enter all of the new card information (card number, expiration date, security code, name, and zip) in order to save the change.
  • If you have a recurring transaction that is tied to the payment method that you are updating, your updated payment method will be used with your recurring transaction.
  • If you have a payment method that is tied directly to your bank account, you will not be able to edit it. You will only be able to add a new one and delete the old one.
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